Saturday, May 1, 2010

Every Day in May - Saturday May 1

So here's my project idea: I want to complete a bicycle ride every day in May 2010. This seems doable enough; I love to ride and the weather this time of year is great. By setting this goal I'll actually integrate PLANNING to ride into my day, too. Not every ride has to be long or hard; just getting on the bike will count. I know I can build up to longer, faster rides, and this may be just the ticket to do so.

After sailing all morning and working around the yard all afternoon, there wasn't time for a long ride so I set off around the neighborhood loop with Maya. OK - I don't have a picture of Maya and I riding bike together, but here she is. She loves to run and we often watch a brown blur go across our view of the yard as we sit in the living room or kitchen.

To ride together I take Maya's retractable leash and hold it loosely in my left hand while on the bike. She knows what to do - and off we go, usually at about 10-12 mph, at least until we see another dog...or a cat...or a deer...

It was an easy start - our loop took us about 1.5 miles at an average speed of 10 mph. We both enjoyed it!

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