Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 – Arrival in London

Day 1 – Arrival in London.

Our trip over was easy and uneventful. We booked an aisle and a window seat and no one took the seat between us so we spread out and slept that fitful airplane sleep. Bob Hoell (aka Uncle Bif) meet us at Heathrow airport and whisked us onto the tube (London's subway). We checked our bags at our hotel and headed into old London and St. Paul's Cathedral. Our goal was to keep walking and stay awake until 8pm or so, Britain time. We were hoping for an easy time with the jet-lag. 

Once it was clear to Bob that we shouldn't be allowed to sit down or stop for long moments (big risk of falling asleep!) he kept us walking.

We crossed the Millennium Bridge and walked through the Tate Modern art museum while it rained outside and from there we headed along the Thames River on the Jubilee Walk.

We stopped at the London Eye and took photos. One of the “bubbles” from this big Ferris-wheel observation structure had just been delivered up the Thames by barge – that was interesting.

We walked up some steps and then crossed the Thames on the Jubilee pedestrian bridge. It was late afternoon by then and we were clearly the “walking wounded.” Bob became concerned about us negotiating stairs, crossing streets and getting on the tube...we were very tired! We took the tube back to our hotel and Bob had us stop at a grocery store and buy snacks. His thinking was that we weren't going to eat any dinner. He was right...I woke up about midnight for a brief snack and went back to sleep about an hour later.

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  1. Can't wait to read/see more... Hope you are having a fabulous trip.. Sounds like Uncle Bif is a great tour guide!